Getting ready for the start of school

The beginning of school is only a few short months away.  That time will pass quickly and much of that time will be devoted to getting ready for the start of school. Choosing courses, finding your way around campus, getting familiar with the wealth of services provided all add up to settling into the beginning of school. But how will you know you're ready?

It's common to feel a bit overwhelmed and nervous at the prospect of starting university, especially if it has been a while since you were a student. Will you be up to the task? Will you be able to balance your role of student with your other roles as parent, spouse/partner, caregiver, employee? Will you find other mature students to share your journey? Will people in your support network understand your reasons for returning to school? Will it be worth the investment of time, energy and resources? It's natural to ask these questions. Countless other mature students who have come to university before you have asked themselves these questions.

But these questions need to be reframed if they're going to be of any use to you beyond fueling doubts and worries. I suggest you rethink the questions so that they put you in a strategic frame of mind and help you get to the start of school in good form:

1) What can I do before school begins that will help me be up to the task?

2) What can I be doing now to establish a workable balance in my roles?

3) What events will I attend to meet other mature students?

4) How can I help my family and friends understand what I'm going through and what I need from them?

5) What can I do to make the most of the opportunities available, given my investment of time, energy, and resources?

I invite you to answer these questions for yourself, to share your answers, and to add to suggest other helpful questions.


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