Research & Resources

The Atkinson Centre for Mature and Part-time Students (ACMAPS), as part of its mandate, works to understand the needs of its constituents through direct research and scholarly literature reviews. We are particularly interested in work that frames the pedagogical and support needs of mature students so that we may, by way of sharing this information, help to create a greater understanding of the issues that affect mature and part-time students at York and elsewhere and to inform our collective educational practice with students..

To that end, we provide below a series of information sheets that summarize the literature on Mature and Part-time students and provide a series of recommendations drawn from that literature.

  1. Learning Strategies, Skills, and Experiences of Mature Students (PDF)
  2. Mature Student Retention & Support (PDF)
  3. Mature Students Experiences and Family Life (PDF)
  4. Mature Students Originating from Bridging Programs and Underrepresented Groups (PDF)
  5. New Canadian/Immigrants & International Mature Students (PDF)
  6. Part-Time & Distance Education Mature Students (PDF)
  7. Information for Faculty Members (PDF)
  8. Peer Mentoring (PDF)

ACMAPS wishes to acknowledge the work of Robert Mizzi and Arpi Panossian who undertook the reviews of the literature and compiled the current scholarship over the course of their Graduate Assistantships with the Associate Vice-President, Academic Learning Initiatives and ACMAPS in the summer of 2008.

Report on Evening/Weekend Education at York University - May 30, 2009 (PDF)

Appendix A (PDF) - Methodology
Appendix B (PDF) - Survey Results
Appendix C (PDF) - Survey Results: Charts
Appendix D (PDF) - Summary of Survey Comments
Appendix E (PDF) - Summary of Focus Group Recommendations
Appendix F (PDF) - Services Available for Students after 4:30pm on Keele Campus
Appendix G (PDF) - Sample Accommodations Policy
Appendix H (PDF) - Acknowledgments
Appendix I (PDF) - Internal Distribution