ACMAPS Student Spotlight

ACMAPS Student Spotlight presents M. Anthony Giscômbe!  Anthony is a 47 year old, third year student majoring in Accounting.  He is also a peer mentor here at ACMAPS.  Anthony's love of learning is part of the reason he was motivated to return to school.  He wanted to complete what he started years ago and he […]

ACMAPS Peer Mentors are here for you!

  Some of you may already be aware of ACMAPS’ Peer Mentor Program and maybe even accessed its services, but for those of you that are not familiar, well, this blog’s for you. A Little about our Mentors and Workshops: ACMAPS’ peer mentors are usually third or fourth year students who have good overall academic […]

York U Online Services Cheat Sheet - Updated

  Navigating through York University’s many webpages can be a daunting experience.  Finding exactly what you are looking for can sometimes be a difficult task.  ACMAPS previously provided a ‘cheat sheet’ for you some time ago, and I’d like to give you an update to that, and perhaps offer you a little more info so […]