Mature Student Mentors


ACMAPS places a high value on student-to-student contact as a means of supporting student transition and student success. To that end, the Mature Student Mentors are available to all Mature and Part-time students to offer guidance and advice throughout the year.

Our Mature Student Mentors are experienced, caring upper-year students. They can help you to navigate the services and physical space of the university, offer insights on succeeding at York, make referrals to campus services, or just be there to chat. The goals of the program include contributing to student success and retention and growing mature student community on campus through volunteer service.

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ACMAPS Peer Mentor Brochure:

Find out more about the peer mentor program and how it can help you achieve academic success by viewing the ACMAPS Peer Mentor Brochure

Our Peer Mentors

Mastoureh Alvandkouhy
Emily Chan
Rebecca Daniels-Bastmeyer
Eric Ebata
M. Anthony Giscômbe
Katalin Halasz
Ian Hood
Suzanne Kennedy
Samantha Ledgister
Jennifer Lewis
Malunga Mwansa
Nadia Noor
Meha Soni
Nicholas Legacy
Shinel Thomas
Virgina Villagomez-Soto
Leanne Wood-Smith

Peer Mentor Office Hours

ACMAPS Mature Student Mentors are available by appointment or drop-in at the ACMAPS office.

Contact us by phone at: 416-736-5770
Email us at:
Or visit our office at: 111 Central Square.

And, as a reminder to those of you who can only attend in the evening hours, our in-house Advisor, Karen Tait is on-site Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday evenings until 7 p.m.

Peer Mentor Schedule