Finding your way around York – part 2

Once you have a feel for your surroundings, it’ll be time well spent to check out the wealth of services and supports available to registered students. During the summer months, you’ll want to pay a visit to York’s RED Zone, an all-in-one information source designed to help new students get ready, engage, and discover all that York has to offer. From Academic supports to the YU Card, RED Zone has it all. You can visit RED Zone online or you can come in person before or after your advising and enrolment appointment.

And, as summer comes to a close, be sure you’re registered to attend Orientation to ensure a smooth start to the academic year. Details are available through York’s central

Orientation web site. Be sure to register for academic orientation (offered through your affiliated York College) and the Mature Student Orientation offered by the Atkinson Centre for Mature and Part-time Students. There is something for everyone: check out the other orientations for international students, the LGBTQ community at York, and orientations for students with disabilities as well

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