5 Year Review

In a Memorandum to APPC on September 8, 2006, Sheila Embleton outlined plans to establish the Atkinson Centre for Mature and Part-time Students (ACMAPS). The ACMAPS mandate, as originally cast in the Memo, directs the newly created office to “ensure that the needs of part-time and mature students are recognized and addressed, and to provide a range of services and supports for these students.“ In this same document, Dr. Embleton makes a commitment that ACMAPS will be reviewed 5 years after its establishment to “ensure that its mandate and structure are appropriate, that its mandate is being fulfilled, and that the needs of part-time and mature students are being satisfied, both individually and collectively.”

Under the direction of the AVP Teaching & Learning, a Working Group was established in June 2012. The efforts of the Working Group have culminated in a report which proposes recommendations for the way ahead regarding how best to address the needs of mature undergraduate students. Recommendations were reviewed and approved by the Provost in April, 2013. A summary of our recommendations are captured in the brief report appended below.