Transitioning Sessions FW 2024-2025

Transition workshops are designed to help students have a smooth return to post-secondary institutions after being away from their studies.
Our workshops are thoughtfully designed on evidence-based research and insights from field experts, enabling us to gain a deep understanding of the challenges and barriers students may encounter during their return to university.
All workshops are held virtually via ZOOM.

1. Thriving in Transition as a Mature Student:
Building Habits for University Success

This workshop empowers mature students during their transition into university life. We explore effective habit formation, discuss strategies for thriving, and tap into newfound power through intentional habits. Whether you’re returning to education after a break or starting fresh, this workshop equips you with practical tools for success. Join us in forming effective habits as you begin your academic journey!
Learning Outcomes:
  1. Understanding Habit Formation: Participants will learn the science behind habit creation, including cues, routines, and rewards. We’ll explore how to establish positive habits aligned with academic and personal goals.
  2. Identifying Key Components: Analyze the key components of habit formation and understand their role in shaping daily routines and achieving long-term goals.
  3. Practical Techniques: Learn the six-step process for habit formation, applying it to shape daily routines and achieve long-term success.
  4. Creating Effective Habits: Discover how intentional habits impact overall well-being. Address study routines and self-regulation, breaking old patterns and embracing habits that enhance learning and well-being as a mature student.
Date Time Registration Link
July 17th, 2024 12PM - 1PM 
July 23rd, 2024 5PM - 6PM

2. What is eClass: An Introduction to York’s Learning Management Software System

Discover the essential features of eClass! Gain the knowledge and skills to easily navigate eClass, ensuring seamless access to course materials, assignments, and resources. Mastering eClass will unlock the full potential of your learning experience at York.
Learning Outcomes:
  • Learn the key functions of eClass for online learning at York U
  • Learn how to access eClass
  • Gain a better understanding of York U’s current online learning platform
Date Time Registration Link
August 15th, 2024 12PM - 1PM 
August 21st, 2024 3PM - 4PM
August 22nd, 2024 5PM - 6PM