Summer School

We have reached the point in the school year when we have to decide if we will be taking courses during the summer. For those who are contemplating taking a summer course or two, here is a list of some of the potential advantages of attending the summer session.

  1. In my opinion, the biggest advantage of taking summer classes is that it reduces the number of courses you have left to complete your degree. This can help you graduate faster or lighten your course load during the fall and winter semesters. For mature and part-time students who have a lot of responsibilities during the school year, a lighter course load can mean less academic pressure and more time to focus on other goals.
  2. Some summer courses are offered through Distance Education. Even if you are planning on being out of town for the summer, you can still complete York courses during the summer. If you visit York’s courses website, you can search specifically for Distance Education courses, as well as for courses that are available on weekends and evenings. The thing to keep in mind with Distance Education is that you may be required to be on campus for examinations. 
  3. Some people find it easier to get a good grade during summer sessions because they are completely focused on the one or two courses they are taking.
  4. Lastly, because you spend such a concentrated amount of time with your T.A.’s and professors, the summer might be a great opportunity for you to get to know them better.

Although summer courses are great for many students, they may not be for everyone. For some students, summer bring additional responsibilities and opportunities. The summer “break” could mean working full-time, taking care of kids who also have summer break, or pursuing research projects and internships.  Will you be taking courses at York this summer?


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Comment on “Summer School

  1. I planned my course load around taking summer classes. It allows me to balance work and home duties during the school year, reduce some of the stress from having fewer classes to focus on and still (mostly) keep up with my cohort (which is a great source of social support).
    There are a couple of points I would add. First, many of the 'core' courses I need for my degree are only offered at specific times (and rarely in the summer), I need to pay special attention to selecting courses in all semesters, ensuring that I take my electives in the summer rather than conflicting with core courses at other times.
    Second, I find taking summer courses in a different area of study to be a refreshing way to keep my education career exciting. I took courses that earned a certificate of proficiency in Italian during the summer.