Congratulations to the Graduates

Congratulations to all the mature students who have just written their last undergraduate final exams. Cheers on accomplishing your goals and sticking to the path you had set out for yourself when you decided you were going to obtain a post-secondary degree. Completing a university degree is challenging and it requires students to sacrifice time, money, and sometimes it feels like their sanity. Thankfully the benefits of the education we are obtaining at York University make the sacrifices worthwhile.

For those who are graduating and ready to beginning their next adventure, I can only imagine all the amazing memories you must have of your time being a York Student. Hopefully, York brought you new friends and experiences that complimented the classroom experience you have received. Even though I don’t graduate for another year, I know I’ll never forget all the late night caffeine-fueled study sessions at Scott library, exploring York’s art galleries between classes and meeting some amazing mature students who have such a unique perspective on life as an undergrad.

Cheers again to all those who are graduating! Don’t forget to keep in touch.


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