The Up-Side to Summer School

Summer YorkUHello everyone. Exams are over and for some of you summer school is your next plan of action.

I agree that the decision to postpone summer relaxation plans to further your academic pursuits can be a difficult one. University is fulfilling, but also very challenging. The process of jumping back into your studies without an adequate break can be a little overwhelming. However, I do firmly believe that pursuing courses in the summer can be a very enriching and positive experience. I want to share some of those positives to help you enjoy the time you spend at York U during the summer.


Accelerating the Completion of your Degree /
Lightening Your Course Load

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This is probably a very common motivator for many students who choose to take courses in the summer. Summer courses are a good idea for mature and part-time students unable to take a lot of credits during the school year. It presents an opportunity for students to complete their degree in an adequate amount of time without having to overload themselves. In my opinion, completing electives in the summer can be very helpful; you’re in school for a shorter amount of time and spend the summer learning something new.


Experiencing the Campus

105 Accolade West Building

One of the things I enjoy most about completing courses in the summer is that there aren’t as many students on campus. You’ll notice the difference right away when you walk into places like the library, the Student Centre or York Lanes. This provides the perfect opportunity to really familiarize yourself with York University.

I recommend taking some time out of your weekly campus visits to explore and locate some of the university resources listed down below. You can also look for quiet places to do schoolwork and study so when school starts back in September and you’re unable to find a seat in the library, you’ll know somewhere else to go.

University Resources


Opportunities for Students to Access Important University Resources

Summer is an opportune time to speak to your academic advisor, participate in beneficial workshops, and to take advantage of the library and other university resources like the Career Centre.

Academic Advising: Visiting an advisor in the summer is a great way to prepare you for the Fall and Winter terms. Contact your faculty to book an appointment by clicking on the following link:
You can also visit ACMAPS at 111 Central Square for general advising.

Workshops: York offers student success workshops during the summer. Take a look at the Learning Skills Services or Learning Commons websites for more information.

The Career Centre can help put your degree to good use.

The Career Centre can help put your degree to good use.

Library: Take advantage of the library! If you don’t know how to find books or other source material within the libraries located across York University, the summer is an ideal time to learn. Stop by the Learning Commons on the second floor of Scott Library to find out more about researching for academic papers and essay formation.

Career Centre: Don’t forget to visit the Career Centre before the summer is over. The Career Centre offers many workshops on career planning and putting your degree to use. They can even help you with your resume and cover letter.


Campus Enjoyment

A bench by Stong Pond

You can sit on a bench by Stong Pond and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.

York University is absolutely beautiful in the summer and I think that may be one of the main reasons why I actually prefer to take courses during the summer session. Don’t let that warm weather pass you by, try sitting or strolling outside when you have a break between classes. The sunshine and warm weather can really lift your mood when you find yourself weighed down by coursework. I recommend walking among the cherry blossom trees near the fountain in front of Vari Hall or sitting down on the benches behind the Lassonde and Farquharson Life Sciences buildings.