I'm admitted! Now What?


“Dear Mr. Fry, York University is pleased to offer you admission.”

Such was the first sentence on my Offer of Admission letter nearly three years ago.  Accompanying my letter were several other papers and pamphlets.  I scanned through them all, searching for the next step and the next deadline.  It was all a bit overwhelming.  Little did I know it was as easy as 1–2–3!


checkpoint1Accept Your Offer

You must confirm your acceptance at www.yorku.ca/myfile by the deadline on your Offer of Admission letter.  Your letter may outline certain conditions that need to be met.  It is also possible, for various reasons, that you have received an Alternative Offer instead of admission into the program to which you applied.

PRO TIP:       If personal circumstances prevent you from attending York in September, you can request a deferral – a postponement of your admission until the next academic session.


checkpoint2Book an Enrolment Appointment

Enrolment appointments are mandatory for all mature students – you will not be able to enroll in courses without attending one.  There is a deadline to book this appointment listed on your Offer of Admission letter.  Note: some faculties are implementing a pilot program called YU START, but this only applies to direct-entry high school students.

At your enrolment appointment you can expect to:

  • Receive  assistance selecting Fall Semester courses
  • Find out if you are eligible for any transfer credits
  • Learn about tuition fees and how/when to pay

PRO TIP:       Come prepared!  Go to your department’s webpage (start here) and find the list of required first year courses.  Then go to www.yorku.ca → Current Students → Courses & Enrolment → Search for Courses to find course information and timetables.


checkpoint3Pay Your Deposit

A deposit of $300 is required to maintain your enrolment status in courses.  The due date will depend on when you enroll in your first course:

If you enroll in fall courses: Your deposit is due:
June 1 – June 30 July 15
July 1 – July 31 August 15
August 1 or after within 10 days of enrolling in a course

(*2013 dates, more info at http://sfs.yorku.ca/fees/deposit)

The $300 deposit covers all your courses for the Fall Semester.  The balance of your tuition is due September 10, 2013.  Students who cannot pay the full balance by the due date are charged interest and expected to make regular monthly payments to reduce their outstanding balance as quickly as possible.  Click here for more information and interest rates.

PRO TIP:       Set up on-line banking to easily and securely pay your Student Account.  York University is the payee/company name and your student number is the account number.  Click here for more information on paying your Student Account.


speedzoneBut don't worry, it's easy as 1–2–3!


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