Past Events

Want to know what we've been up to at ACMAPS? A full listing of recent and not-so-recent events is available here for your information and interest. If you have any questions? Please contact us by email and we'll be happy to help you find an answer.

2015/2016 Past Events

Workshop: Looking Ahead to Next Year

February 2016 - A set of four workshops focusing on enrollment strategies.

Mental Health Strategy Consultation With Mature Students

February 2016 - A conversation with mature students about mental health and wellness on campus.

If you were unable to attend the event, voice your ideas online regarding how York U can better support your mental health and well-being: Share Your Voice

YUMSO Family Movie Night

December 2015 - Holiday Movie Social held by YUMSO

YUMSO November Social Event

November 2015 - November Social at the YUMSO office with coffee and snacks.

ACMAPS Fall 2015 Open House

 October 2015 - Meet the ACMAPS staff at the Fall 2015 Open House

Red & White Day

October 2015 - October 1st is York University's Red & White Day!

YUMSO Open House

October 2015 - The York University Mature Student Organization will be holding an Open House.

Mature Student Transition Event

September 2015 - The Mature Student Transition Event (Orientation) is a series of workshops that focuses on mature student success in academic study.

Mature Student Community Celebration

June 2015 - The Mature Student Community Celebration recognizes the hard work that goes into the pursuit of a university education and celebrates everything that mature students have accomplished throughout their years of study.