Prospective Students

Welcome to all prospective mature and part-time students looking to attend York University.

One important thing to remember is that before you apply as a mature student make sure you are familiar with the requirements of the program you are applying for and York University's standards for mature student applications. To review the requirements for the programs please click on the following link:

Pay close attention to the deadlines for submitting your application:

Mature/Part-time Student Information

What is a Mature Student?

York University classifies a mature student as:

  • Someone who is 20-years of age or older the first day they start classes
  • Someone who has been out of high school for a minimum of 2 years
  • Someone who has attempted less than one full year of study at another college or university
  • Someone with a good academic record
  • And someone able to demonstrate their success either through their academic, professional or volunteer activities or through other accomplishments

Further information about Mature Student requirements may be found here:

Why Apply as a Mature Student?

When you apply as a mature student your application is not based solely on academic achievements. Since many mature students have been out of school for quite a number of years, applying as a mature student allows York to take some of your other life experiences into consideration when assessing your application.

Academic preparation may be measured by:

  • Work/life experience
  • Extra-curricular activities
  • Volunteer participation

Applying to York as a mature student gives you the flexibility to demonstrate how some of your other life experiences qualify you for academic study.

Writing your resume and personal letter

In order to apply as a mature student, York University requires that you submit a resume and a personal letter explaining your intentions for pursuing a university education. These are two other ways to assess your qualifications for university study other than looking at your academic transcripts.

Some ideas of what to include in your resume:

  • Any work experience that relates to the program you are applying for
  • Your past education

Some ideas of what to include in your personal letter:

  • Why you are interested in your field of study
  • What your goal may be with acquiring the degree, certificate, etc
  • Work experience that prepared you for the program you are applying to
  • Commitment to important initiatives: perhaps you are on a community committee or you're a coach/outreach leader to a group in your community

What is a Part-time Student?

You have the option of applying as a mature student and studying on a part-time basis. A part-time student refers to those who are taking less than 9 credits per academic term. For instance: if you take only 6 credits in the Fall and 6 credits in the Winter, you are considered a part-time student.

Almost all of York's program may be done on a part-time basis excluding:

  • Schulich School of Business
  • Dance, Design, Film, Music, Theatre or Visual Arts through the Faculty of Fine Arts
  • Second-Entry Bachelor of Science in Nursing through the Faculty of Health
  • Human Resources Management or Social Work through the Faculty of Liberal & Professional Studies

How can I apply

If you would like to apply for an undergraduate program at York University as a mature student, please visit the following website:

Please ensure that you read through all of the admission requirements before you fill out the application.

You also have the option of attending Continuing Education courses and programs at York. For individuals who may not meet the requirements of the program that they are interested in or want to develop their academic skills before pursuing a degree, consider one of the bridging programs.

Visit Continuing Education for more information: