ACMAPS Student Spotlight

ACMAPS Student Spotlight presents M. Anthony Giscômbe!  Anthony is a 47 year old, third year student majoring in Accounting.  He is also a peer mentor here at ACMAPS.  Anthony's love of learning is part of the reason he was motivated to return to school.  He wanted to complete what he started years ago and he wanted to set a positive example for his children, whom he credits, along with God, his wife and some extended family members, for keeping him going.

He chose York because of the cost and its location.

Anthony says that ACMAPS helped him when other offices at York failed to give him adequate direction in terms of courses, transfer credits, sequence in which to take courses, and he found himself at his wits end. He was  so frustrated that he was ready to return home to the United States.  Anthony  turned to ACMAPS.  He says that Karen Tait helped him tremendously and is the reason he is still at York University.

Anthony offers a little advice for mature and part-time students: "Use ACMAPS and save yourselves time and unnecessary stress and frustration. The real deal is at ACMAPS".