Here I am in my fourth year and I have never visited YUMSO’s student lounge, and I’ve seriously missed out.  I decided to correct that error and made my first visit there last week (and it won’t be my last).


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It was a beautiful day for a walk over to Vanier College (located behind York Lanes).  I made my way to room 113B and met with YUMSO volunteer Yi Wen.  She welcomed me into this space created solely for us mature students.  After signing the ‘guest book’, I sat down and spoke with Yi about the space and her experience there.

The lounge was quiet when I arrived, Yi being the only one there at the time.  Immediately I got the sense that this would be the perfect place to read and study (obviously, the comfy chairs did help with that idea), but what also hit me was the thought that this place would be perfect for getting together with my peers to simply talk, share stories and support each other through this thing we call ‘university life’.

Yi spoke to me about her time here at York.  She is working on her second degree, and like many of us, returned to school because she felt she needed to do more in her career.  She started volunteering at the YUMSO lounge at the beginning of the summer semester because she wanted to get involved in mature student life on campus.  She uses the space not only to get to know other mature students, but as a place to read and study.

As mature students, it can sometimes be hard to relate to our younger peers here.  This space provides the opportunity to mingle amongst those of us who have a little more life experience, outside of the lecture hall.

So, if you haven’t already been there, be sure to visit the YUMSO lounge.  Their hours are posted on their Facebook page.  I know that they will be happy to see you!