Orientation Advice

yorkisuHello everyone, it's Nicole here with a few more interesting tidbits about Orientation.

If you are able to visit the York University campus today, you will notice how extremely busy it is. That's because Orientation events have officially begun. The first Orientation for the Atkinson Centre for Mature and Part-time Students will take place September 3, 2014 from 5:30 to 8:30--check-in is at Vari Hall (#30 on your campus map). Before that takes place, I wanted to share my own Orientation experience with you and the lessons that I've learned.

All of the points that I have listed below are further discussed at: York U Revisited: My Personal Orientation Advice. This is a space for you to connect with me. It is an ACMAPS affiliated mature student blog, which talks about my personal experience as a second-time York U student.

I hope that the pointers I give you will not only inform you about what to expect when you attend Orientation, but also inspire you to get excited about starting university. It is a pivotal moment in your life and a successful Orientation can make all the difference.

I will discuss four things that I learned from my own personal Orientation experience.

 Number-One It's important to map out the route to your Orientation and know where you are going, especially if you haven't been on the York Keele campus all that often. Try to come to the event at least half an hour before it starts so you can ask for directions if you get lost.
 512px_number_2_ You should get a decent amount of rest before attending your event. Otherwise, you will not retain any of the information given to you.
 3 You should try to speak with some of the people around you. Orientation is a good place to start building connections because a lot of the students you see at Orientation will have classes with you.
 4 You should try to ask as many questions as you can. Don't be afraid to ask your mentors or your peers a question. It will help to shake off some of your anxiety about starting university.

Remember, you can read a more in-depth explanation of these points at York U Revisited: My Personal Orientation Advice.