York U Online Services Cheat Sheet

figure-magnifying-glassSimilar to how the York University campuses can be a confusing map of crossing streets and pointing signs, the York U website can be a labyrinth of information. There are certain pages that require a frustrating amount of clicks to access. Or at least that's how it seems because you are unaware of the more simplified way of getting to the information that you need.

Information pages I always struggle to access are: what college I'm in, when I can enroll and important university dates. I often have to play an involuntary game of hide 'n' seek before I can get to the page I want.

I want to provide you with a cheat sheet. Down below are links to websites that can be tricky to access. My hope is that this post will make navigating the York U site less of a hassle for you. Whenever you feel like you're stuck, just come over to the ACMAPS blog and revisit this post, hopefully it will provide you with what you need. I also hope that in time, you can learn to find whatever you need without the aggravating amount of unnecessary clicks.

York U



*Clicking on the "Enrolment Access Time" link on this page will also tell you what program you are currently enrolled in.

York Resources

For any information that you may need on other York University online services please click on the highlighted link to be directed to a page with a list of services. If there is an important service that you would like to add to this page, just comment below and I will make sure it's taken into consideration.