There's an App for That: York U Safety

Screenshot_2014-07-14-12-37-46What is the York U Safety app? It's a downloadable application for students, faculty and staff that contains information about services that will help ensure your safety while on campus.

This post is not meant to alarm you, only to inform you. As a mature and part-time university student you may be accessing the York University campus at odd hours in the morning or night. It is important to know about the safety services York has available to you and the numbers you can call. If you are like myself, you may not have the slightest clue what the number is for York U Security or how to access goSAFE (a service to safely escort Keele/Glendon students to on-campus destinations). If you don't know how to get in contact with these services now, what's going to happen when you're faced with an emergency?

York U Safety App

  • Gives you easy access to York U Security, 911, goSAFE and Van Go (mobility service for those with disabilities) through the click of a button
  • Provides you with access to information pages on safety tips, goShuttle information, campus maps, and counselling/support centres
  • Able to send in a photo of what you may deem to be a security breech to York through the app and report any outages and maintenance issues
  • Comes with a Flashlight feature
  • Also comes with an Emergency Alarm to send off a loud siren
  • For information on how to download the app click here

For the most part the York U Safety application is straightforward. The most important features are positioned at the top of the screen and highlighted in red. If you accidentally press a button it doesn't automatically engage the command; must first click to access the Emergency Alarm and then click again to activate it.

The only issue I have with this application is that a lot of the information resources listed are links that redirect you to pages on the York University website. That means that you will need to have Internet access to view them. This is problematic, especially for those using Wi-Fi only devices and aren't near a connection. However, the features that are the most important part of the app don't require an Internet connection, and that factor makes it a worthy download. It doesn't take up much space on your phone and I would suggest you download it and keep it on the main page of your device. It never hurts to be prepared.

Alternative Resources

20140714_132703If you go to any York University resource centre, like ACMAPS for instance, you are able to pocket two very important items. A magnet that gives you the number for Security Services and goSAFE, and a card that lists various numbers for different security departments including York U Security, Toronto Police, the Atkinson Counselling & Supervision Centre, etc.


You can also go to the York U Security offices to receive more information. They are located at:
Keele Security
William Small Centre, Room 228

William Small Centre

William Small Centre

Glendon Security
2275 Bayview Ave, The Greenhouse

The Greenhouse

The Greenhouse

Visit the York U Security website to get a glimpse of the services that are offered.