Places to Recline in the Summertime

recline3Don't let that beautiful sunshine go to waste. We waited a very long time for the warm weather to greet us and the last thing you should do is let it pass you by. In order to familiarize you with the York U campus and to get you outside so you don't feel like your summer is being wasted in concrete buildings, I will outline a selection of places that are nice for relaxing or studying; sometimes it will be both. These places can also be revisited throughout the year, though some of them might not be as enjoyable in the colder months.

Most of these posts will occur on Facebook so make sure you're following the Atkinson Centre for Mature and Part-time Students page. Occasionally I will write about spaces in more detail, especially if they present an environment conducive to studying.

Let's kick off this session with something familiar.

If you strut down the walkway near the TTC bus stops you will notice metal lounge chairs scattered along the side. There is one particular chair that is in close proximity to the TTC transit and is surrounded by bushels of colourul flowers. It provides a splendid view of the rest of the university grounds. The plant-life surrounding the metal recliner offers a bit of shade for individuals who choose to pick up their feet and relax. It isn't the most quiet or peaceful space, but it is close to a lot of York University's facilities and offers a nice view.

Advantages of this spot:

  • It's close to the TTC
  • It's not too far from the Student Centre just in case you get hungry
  • There's a bit of shade
  • You can see a lot of the campus


  • It's in a high-traffic area
  • It's not quiet
  • It's near a hotdog stand (which can be a plus or a minus depending on your dietary restrictions)