There's an APP for That: GoTransit

appsThis series of posts will focus on resourceful media applications that you are able to download on your mobile phone or tablet to help you navigate the city and academic sphere. My goal is to get you using your phone for more than just phone calls, texts, and Facebook. I also plan to reach out to those people who aren’t so familiar with the terrain of their mobile device and broaden their familiarity. If you do not possess a smartphone or portable device where you can download these Apps, don’t you worry! I will also include alternate resources that will act as the equivalent to the applications I discuss and do not require an electronic device, for the most part.

Let’s talk GoTransit.

If you commute to York University from a far distance you may be very familiar with GoTransit. During my first degree I was on the GoBus or the GoTrain four to five times a week, thankfully for this degree I don’t have to commute as often. My point is that I’m accustomed to the cushioned blue chairs that adorn the GoTransit buses. It wouldn’t be out of place for me to say that the GoBus and I are practically family. That is how often I am on it.

Checking for GoTransit information can be tedious, to say the least, especially when you are trying to look up a schedule that is outside of your normal route. One solution to help you with your commute is to download the GO Mobile App, a collaborative application by Metrolinx and Ryerson University.

GO Mobile App

This wonderful piece of technology is one of my favourite applications on my phone. It tells you:

  • Schedules for the GoBuses and GoTrains, all you need to do is input your destination
  • Says when trains are departing Union Station
  • You can bookmark schedules that you frequently view
  • You can even set up alerts for when you arrive at your destination

It is an easy to navigate application available for Blackberry, iPhone, Android and Windows devices at no cost to you. If you don’t have it already I highly recommend you get it. Schedules are less crowded with information and as I said before, you can bookmark your favourite routes. You will need to have data on your mobile device or be able to connect to WiFi to use it. Visit GO Mobile for more information.

Alternative Resource

The equivalent to the GO Mobile App would of course be It provides you with all the information you need and more about GoTransit services. If you are unable to access the web page I would recommend grabbing a paper schedule from a GoTransit station and highlighting your route. It is always useful when taking public transit to keep a schedule within reach. That way you’re prepared to map out an alternate route if any problems should occur.