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Mountain-of-TextbooksSummer is coming to an end and classes are right around the corner.  By now you’ve selected your courses and paid your deposit.  The next thing on every student’s mind: textbooks.  As a first year student 3 years ago, I remember wondering how I was going to manage buying all my books.  I was worried about keeping track of what I needed to buy for each course, how much it would cost, and what I would do if I bought the wrong textbook.  As I learned about The Bookstore on campus, I realized that I had nothing to worry about.  In this week’s blog post, I want to show you how The Bookstore aims to make the whole process as stress-free as possible.


Your Course Textbook List

computer-searchThe Bookstore website makes it easy to look-up and print a customized list of textbooks required for your classes.  Even if you ultimately decide to purchase your books elsewhere, I feel this is a great way to get yourself organized.  Click here and start by selecting your course sections.  The search results are separated into “required,” “optional,” and “recommended” books.  (Your professor should confirm textbook requirements on the first day of class.)  Select the books you want and print your customized shopping list!


2 Ways to Buy

wp584d6c07In Person:

The Keele Campus bookstore is located in the east end of the York Lanes Shopping Mall.  Use this floor plan to find the appropriate section for your discipline.  The textbooks in each section are arranged alpha-numerically by course code with shelf tags which include instructor names and course textbook listings.  If you do get lost, there are always plenty of staff members to help you out.  Plan to arrive early though – the lineups can get quite long!


Avoid the lineup!  For a nominal fee, you can have your textbooks shipped straight to your home!  This service has been useful to me in the past when I’ve been too busy to go to The Bookstore.  Click here to begin.  Just allow 5 business days for delivery.


Alternatives to Buying New BooksGraduate-Piggy-bank-and-books-200x300

The cost of all your textbooks can start to really add up.  Fortunately, The Bookstore offers ways to help you get the books you need without breaking the bank.  Good quality used books are often available for 75% of the new price.  For cheaper used books, The Bookstore’s online classifieds contain over 30 000 listings from student peers.  Alternatively, The Bookstore offers textbook rentals, where you sign-out the book and return it by the due date at the end of the term.  Many books are also offered in an electronic format.  E-book access codes can be purchased in store or online.


Buy Back Program

book_buy_back_4So you’ve finished your course and don't need your textbook anymore – what do you do with it?  You can try selling your book on The Bookstore’s classifieds or, or you can sell your book directly back to The Bookstore!  The Bookstore decides how much it will pay for various titles based on current stock and whether the book is listed for a course at York.  To find out how much The Bookstore can offer you for a particular title, click here.  A mobile app is also available on the Android Marketplace and the Apple AppStore.  Use your phone to scan the barcode on the book and get an instant quote!

I want to close by offering a final tip that is quite important especially if you buy your books before the first day of class:  Don’t open any wrapping on your textbook until your professor confirms that it will be used in the course, otherwise it won’t be accepted for a refund.  The Bookstore only offers refunds for books returned in original condition and within 14 days of purchase.  Click here for details.

Good luck and enjoy your first week of the semester!


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