My last new semester as a York University student


It is crazy how fast time flies. It seems like only a short while ago I was back in Alberta, waiting desperately to hear back from York University to see if I had been accepted as a student. Now three years later, I am wrapping up my time at York, working to make a strong finish. This winter session is my last semester at York. If all goes well, I will graduate from my program in the spring. As anxious as I am to finish my degree and move on to the next chapter in my life, there is still so much left to do before I graduate.

One of the scariest things about being in my final semester is how much uncertainty there is in my future. In the past, the eventual return back to university was a given after each break away. I am now very accustomed to the routine of student life, but in a couple of months, everything will change.  Rather than pursuing further education after graduation, I’m planning on entering the job market and starting my career. Finding a job for when I graduate and coming up with a plan to pay back those pesky student loans are now top priorities on my list of things I need to take care of. On top of that, the thought of having to say goodbye to my university friends who will be disappearing into all corners of the world in pursuit of their futures makes me really sad. Thankfully, I still have a few months left to enjoy their company and student life before I enter the real world.

One of the best parts of being in my final year is that although the year can only be described as hectic, I’ve been finding the actual course work to be a lot less strenuous than in the past. In fact, a lot of people I’ve spoken with agree that their final year was their best academically, and it’s probably because the three years they spent developing a study routine that works for them. In addition, in spite of my anxiety of being out of the comfort zone of student life, the prospect of starting a new adventure in April is kind of exciting. If you are in your final year at York University, I hope you enjoy your final new semester as a student. Make the most of student life, this may be the only time you get the opportunities that are available to you at York. For all the other students who will be coming back to university next year, I hope you are having a great new semester. With the new semester comes new opportunities.


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