My Favorite Things (At York University)

Oprah’s Janice’s Favorite Things (At York University)

Although I was never the most loyal viewer of the of the Oprah Winfrey show, there was always something magical about her Favorite Things episodes that kept me watching year after year.  I’m not sure if it was the opportunity to get a small glimpse of how the rich live (anyone else spending $200 on lipstick?), or the prospect of seeing the audience become unhinged with excitement over designer brownies; but I hadn’t missed a favorite things episode in the years before the Oprah Winfrey show went off the air. When I heard that Oprah was resurrecting her Favorite Things list this year, I was inspired to start my own list of favorite things here at York University. The best part is that all the items on my list can be enjoyed on a student’s budget. That being said, I present the 2012 Edition of Janice’s Favorite Things.

1. Eggnog Chai Lattes

One of the only redeeming qualities of winter is the opportunity to enjoy the delicious specialty holiday drinks that coffee shops offer for a limited time. None of them are more delicious than the eggnog chai late. With midterms and finals coming up, the hours I have to put in studying are just a little more enjoyable when I’m sipping on this latte. Check out your favorite campus coffee shop to see if they offer eggnog chai lattes this season. Be warned, it is very sweet; some have referred to it as diabetes in a cup. However if you enjoy sweet drinks, try it, it’s amazing!

2. Quiet Study Spaces

When the campus is really busy, finding a quiet space to study can be difficult. That’s why I love the underutilized study areas in the lower levels of Health Nursing Environmental Studies building. There is a student lounge next to the Faculty of Health’s Office of Academic Advising that is perfect for collaborative learning, and a student computer lab in the lower basement that is almost always empty. If you are looking for absolute silence, I just discovered a silent room on the second floor of Scott Library. For those of us who need absolute quite to concentrate, it’s the only place in Scott Library to study.

3.       Writing Help

Academic writing is a tough skill to master. As a student enrolled in an essay intensive program, I am always looking for ways to improve my writing skills. Lucky for me at York there are so many resources available to help students improve their academic writing. The Writing Department is a great resource for writing help, as is the Bethune Writing Centre and the Strong Writing Program. If you are worried about your writing, make sure you utilize the resources that are available on campus.

4.       Breakfast for Dinner

Breakfast is my absolute favorite meal of the day, and I don’t see why we should limit our enjoyment of delicious breakfast foods to just the mornings. One of the reasons I love getting food on campus is the option of buying breakfast anytime of the day. I’m not sure why, but breakfast sandwiches especially taste a little bit more delicious during dinner.  Change up your dining routine and enjoy breakfast for dinner

5.       Glendon Campus-

I love spending time at the Glendon campus; the grounds are absolutely gorgeous even in the dead of winter. I particularly love spending time at Frost Library in the Glendon campus because it is never as hectic as Scott Library, and the views from the library are stunning. If you haven’t been to the Glendon campus yet, grab your YU Card, hop on the inter-campus shuttle, and check it out.

Now that we’ve reached the end of my favorite things list, let me know what is on your list of favorite things at York University.


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