If I could go back to my first year

Back in January, a few of the ACMAPS Peer Mentors shared the one that they wish they knew during their first year. Their advice was so helpful that I thought I would ask more York University students to share what they wish they knew when they were in their first year. For students who will be starting at York University this Fall, take note!

Meet with an advisor and take the opportunity to understand your program requirements to make choosing courses easier. Also, always develop a relationship with your professors, and make sure to assign yourself time to study. Prioritize your study time!  Meva, ACMAPS Peer Mentor.

There are so many opportunities for certificate programs at York University. Take advantage. Lindsay (@OLindsayO), York University Student Leader.

Maintain healthy habits, especially during exams. It’s easy to give up sleep for extra study time, and living off of coffee can become an unhealthy (and expensive) habit.  Both habits can have bad consequences, you don’t want to crash and become unfocused when you’re actually writing your exam. Get enough sleep and eat healthy. You will have more energy and focus. Simon, Psychology Student.

If you are planning on going to grad school, start researching and preparing early. Get to know your professors, look into scholarships, and connect with people who are already in the program you want to get into. It will make your application process so much smoother once you are in your final year. Rona, Health Studies Student.

Visit the Career Centre. They helped me with my resume, interview, and job search skills. Don’t wait until your final year to go to the Career Centre. Daniel, Administrative Studies Student.

If you’re an upper year student at York, what is the one thing you wish you knew during your first year?


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