So you just got accepted to York University, now what?

When I initially received my acceptance letter to York, the mixture of excitement and anxiousness I felt could only be expressed by the question, what’s next? What could I do in the next few months to make sure that I would be ready for university before my first day of classes? My pathological drive to always be prepared fueled countless hours combing through the York University website and corresponding with my home faculty in order to prepare for my transition as a new mature student at York. Based on the information I gathered, I came up with a short list of ways new mature students can get prepared for university before the fall semester. As this is in no way a comprehensive list, please feel free to add a comment with your tips on getting ready for university.

  1. Book and attend your enrollment appointment through your faculty: All undergraduate students at York have to attend an enrollment advising session through their faculty in order to plan their academic schedule; learn how to enroll in courses and pay fees; and find out about any transfer credits they may be receiving. As an out of province student, my enrolment appointment was online. Not only was this a much more viable option for me, but it gave me the option of being able to e-mail questions to my advisor at my convenience.
  2. Pay your enrolment deposit on time:Paying your enrolment deposit on time will ensure that you are able to keep your spot in the classes you are looking forward to taking.
  3. Attend your Academic Orientation and the Mature Student Orientation: York University is a big school with a lot of programs and services for students. The best way to find out how you can make the most of experience at York is to attend your orientation sessions. Attending orientation is also a great way to meet other mature students, peer mentors, and the ACMAPS staff. To sign up for the Mature Student Orientation, click here:
  4. Check out Moodle to see if any of your courses have resources available. Don’t worry if you have trouble accessing or using Moodle before your classes. You will learn a lot about Moodle during your first week classes.
  5. Visit the York University campus and ACMAPS: There is nothing worse than getting completely lost and frazzled during your first week of classes. Take a tour of the Keele and Glendon campuses at York, and make sure to stop by the ACMAPS office at 111 Central Square. We love meeting new mature students at York.

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