The waiting game

For some us, the end of our last final exam means the beginning of the waiting game. Instead of spending our winter break with friends and family, our free time is consumed with refreshing our Moodle page and sending pointed emails to our professors. Waiting for final exam marks and course grades can become a full time obsession. Instead of fixating on term grades, why not take the time to congratulate yourself on completing another semester. Before you know it, classes will resume and your much needed winter break will be over.

For those students who are starting in the winter, don’t forget that ACMAPS is having a winter orientation for new mature and part time students on January 7th. Click here for more information.


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2 comments on “The waiting game

  1. Great point! My first year, I was obsessed with my final mark, as if I required some external validation for all the hard work I had just finished. At the end of the next semester I did the same thing. Then I realized rather than reflect on what I had accomplished and focusing on today, I was living in the past. Sure it is always great to get that final grade and know you did well, but I have found that approval must come from within first. If I know that I did everything I could to do my best work, then that has to be enough. If I did not do as well as I would have liked then I inquire as to why, then reflect back to see if there is anything I can change/modify for next semester. Do my best, that is all I can ever do.

  2. I find it takes me a while to decompress from the activity of school. I'm getting better at leaving it all behind during winter break I think. In my years here I have learned that the school year is short. If I am lazy in my work during the year, the pressure mounts by the end of the term. I try my best to keep up with my work as I go so that I will know that I've done my best whatever that happens to be. Best wishes to everyone for a safe and happy holiday.