Finding your way around York – part 1

If you’ve attended your advising and enrolment session, you’ve already started to find your way around, likely with the support of one of our campus maps and some help from someone familiar with the Keele or Glendon campuses.

To really learn your way around York, you’ll need to get oriented, both in the physical/geographical sense and in terms of learning about the wealth of supports available for students on campus. (This latter angle will be the subject of a follow-up post.)

If you’re new to York, I recommend you take an in-person tour to help you find your way around. Tours are offered two or three times each week; schedules are available on the York web site. To register, select your preferred tour date from the interactive calendar, select the “more info” link from pop up information box, and then click on “sign up.”

If you live a distance to the University and can’t make an in-person visit before the academic year begins, you can get a taste of York’s places and spaces through our online virtual tour…it’s the next best thing to being here.

Got questions? Post them here and we’ll set about getting you the answers.


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