Meet our Mentors

We want you to find the mentor who can best speak to your situation, in order to do so we have provided you with short biographies on our student mentors.

Below you can see each peer mentor's program of study and the time that they are available. Click on the name of a mentor to find out more about their academics and their hobbies.

To view a downloadable version of the of the peer mentor schedule, please visit: ACMAPS Peer Mentor Schedule

Hiba Badar


I am a certified Social Service Worker and currently in my third year to be a Social Worker. In conjunction with Social Work major, I am doing a certification in Public Policy Analysis. Being a transfer student to York University, I've had my fair share of confusion, struggles, and moments of 'it’s time to quit'. I am here to share my experiences for the betterment of my peers that I will collaboratively work with in the upcoming year of 2016/2017.



Program: Social Work
Mentor Schedule
Tuesdays: 2pm - 4pm

Karen Bahal


I am a second-year undergraduate student studying Criminology. I am also a graduate from Humber College's Community and Justice program, and I serve on many committees in my community.


Program: Criminology
Mentor Schedule
Wednesdays: 9am - 11am

Emily Chan

EmilyDraftBeing a Linguistic and English student at York, my main interests lie in Syntax and Canadian Literature. The former offers me valuable learning opportunities and unique experiences in professional writing and proofreading, while the later leads me to develop and grow continuously in critical thinking and textual analysis. I enjoy meeting people with different cultural backgrounds and I support the idea of giving back to the community. I enjoy helping other students, particularly those with academic challenges, as well as reading, dancing, and listening to music.

Program: English & Linguistics
Mentor Schedule
Mondays: 3pm - 6pm

Eric Ebata

MentorNoPictureI am a fourth-year Physical Geography student at York looking to explore graduate opportunities that combine what I’ve learned with other areas of interest such as environmental science and how it interacts with the urban landscape. I’ve been a part of the York community for quite a while, having moved between majors three times and coming to learn of the array of resources available here. I have found that a commuter-based campus such as York can be incredibly intimidating to new or returning students, myself included; so feel free to drop by and allow us to assist you in your return to academic life and all that encompasses it!

Program: Physical Geography
Mentor Schedule
Mondays: 12pm - 1pm

Dave Foster


Age: 50+

Birthplace:  Toronto, Ontario

4th Year:  AMPD

Major:  Visual Arts – specialization in photography

Interests:  Photography (naturally), Abstract painting, military history, People watching

I’m fascinated by the very small and un-noticed things and places.  Have you ever really looked at a flower, for example?  There are landscapes and colours in a single blossom to rival anything in the “larger world”, if you just look.

Program: Visual Arts
Mentor Schedule
Fridays: 9am - 12pm

M. Anthony Giscômbe



Program: Bachelor of Administrative Studies - Accounting
Mentor Schedule
Tuesdays: 1pm - 3pm                                                                                                                                                                        Wednesdays: 1pm - 3pm

Nicholas Legacy

NicholasDraftI have an academic interest in human rights, equity studies, the political/social sciences, and health. I am also an active member of YUMSO (York University Mature Student Organization) and other clubs that promote social justice values. Off campus, I enjoy discovering new music and adventuring in the great outdoors.


Program: Nursing/Psychology
Mentor Schedule
Wednesdays: 3pm - 6pm

Delia Popo-Harding

IMentorNoPicture am a fourth year student majoring in Law and Society. I am also completing a certificate in Public Administration and Law. I completed a Court and Tribunal Agent Diploma and a Legal Studies Certificate at the Humber College in 2010. Shortly thereafter, I became a licensed paralegal with the Law Society of Upper Canada. While at college, I was employed as a full time Administrative Clerk, then assumed the role of Labour Relations Generalist.

Program: Law and Society
Mentor Schedule
Mondays: 10am - 11am
Fridays: 9:15am - 10:15am

Meha Soni

52-copyI am a third-year student pursuing Honours in Health Studies - Health Management major. Besides academic, I strongly believe in community involvement. Currently, I volunteer at Peel Region - Health Service, where I get the opportunity to enhance my expertise. As a mentor, I look forward to helping my peers and making their transition at York University more enjoyable.


Program: Health Management
Mentor Schedule
Tuesdays: 3pm - 6pm

Michelle Spencer

michelle-2I am a fourth year Criminology and Psychology student with intentions of pursuing graduate studies in sociology.  I am a mother of two girls, one of whom is a fourth year student here at York as well! I maintain a very active life, working two jobs, volunteer work, full course loads and familial obligations, so one of my main skills is definitely time management. I look forward to meeting with some of you and doing my best to help you successfully navigate through your university career.

Program: Criminology/
Mentor Schedule
Wednesdays: 12pm - 2pm

Edrick Streete-Thomas

I am a fourth-year undergraduate student studying Law and Society. I was introduced to ACMAPS by a friend/classmate during my first year of study, and it has been an important role to my academic career ever since.

Program: Women Studies/Law and Society
Mentor Schedule
Tuesdays: 12pm - 1pm

Virgina Villagomez-Soto

57-copy1I am a second-year student pursuing an Honours in Health Studies – major in Health Management.  After 20 years, I went back and got my College Diploma as Medical Office Administrator, which encouraged me to pursue my degree at York University.  I believe in helping others, including my fellow students, while I learn and develop my skills, and acquire new knowledge while others achieve their goals.


Program: Health Management
Mentor Schedule
Thursdays: 9am - 12pm

Leanne Wood-Smith


I am a second year mature transfer student in the Global Health program. I also work part-time. In my first year at York, I felt disconnected from the school community. This year, I want to help fellow mature students find their place at York. When I'm not in school, I love to run, read, travel, volunteer, and hang out with my family and friends.





Program: Global Health
Mentor Schedule
Thursdays: 3pm - 5pm