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Handling Assignments

By now, you’re well into your Winter Term courses and you’re getting ready to submit your first batch of major assignments. I recommend that before you dive into your work you reflect on your academic performance. Ask yourself the following questions: Were you pleased with your final grades last term? What are some of things […]

Preparing for Exams

Hi everyone, Nicole here. It is exam time again. Last Fall, I suggested some helpful tips on how you can approach studying for your final exams. This year I’d like to work off of those ideas to discuss how you can start preparing yourself for your exam review. What should you think about when sitting […]

Welcome Address for Fall 2015

Hello everyone, welcome to York University! For those who don’t know me (or may have forgotten who I am) my name is Nicole and I am the Work/Study Communications Assistant at ACMAPS—I’m also a fourth-year Communication Studies major. I do my best to keep you informed and up-to-date with what is going on around the […]